The Waters Edge Community Development District is approximately 426 acres.  A map identifying the CDD ownership areas can be found under the documents tab of this website.

Levels of service of program operations within the District are directly related to the annual operating budget.  Program services include:

  • Conservation area, including 52 ponds (but not west Moon Lake);
  • Water management, including irrigation and water control structures;
  • Water and sewer facilities; and
  • Some landscaping and entry features.

The Waters Edge Community Development District (CDD) contracts with Pasco County to provide reclaimed water for irrigation to the community.  In compliance with Pasco County ordinance, the following reclaimed watering schedule has been developed.

Home Address
Last Digit


Day Time
0 Tuesday 3:01 AM 5:30 AM Friday 7:00 PM

9:29 PM

1 Tuesday 5:31 AM 8:00 AM Friday 9:30 PM 11:59 PM
2 Thursday 3:01 AM 5:30 AM Sunday 7:00 PM

9:29 PM

3 Thursday 5:31 AM 8:00 AM Sunday 9:30 PM 11:59 PM
4 Monday 7:00 PM 9:29 PM Friday 3:01 AM

5:30 AM

5 Monday 9:30 PM

11:59 PM

Friday 5:31 AM 8:00 AM
6 Tuesday 7:00 PM 9:29 PM Saturday 3:01 AM

5:30 AM

7 Tuesday 9:30 PM 11:59 PM Saturday 5:31 AM 8:00 AM
8 Tuesday

7:00 PM

9:29 PM Saturday 3:01 AM

5:30 AM

9 Tuesday 9:30 PM 11:59 PM Saturday 5:31 AM 8:00 AM



The CDD, through community assessments in the annual budget, pays for the bulk reclaimed water.  Irrigation outside of these regulations has a direct impact on the community reclaimed water usage, future budgets and your CDD fees.  Non-compliance will result in one warning, followed by community-imposed fines and penalties.

During the fiscal year, staff monitors the budget to maintain operational efficiency.  During the annual budget process, staff reviews what was budgeted against what was actually spent, and recommends increases and decreases in service levels.  The Board of Supervisors, with input from the public, reviews staff’s proposals and has the final decision for the budget constraints that will determine the levels of service.

The budget process typically begins in the spring and concludes in the summer, after a public hearing to ensure resident participation.  Staff actions are directly related to those restrictions placed within the annual operations and maintenance budget for each fiscal year.

Service Levels

The District Manager’s responsibilities include

  • Mandatory – This service is required either by regulatory permit or other specific requirements.
  • Essential – Those program services funded above the mandatory level and considered important to the residents.
  • Discretionary – Those services funded and which can be reviewed for sufficiency, based on service commitment by the community and the cost of the service being provided.

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